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Lakhani & Family’s enthusiasm for the jewelry business is embraced by the next generation of Jewelers: First Generation son Himanshu is the General Manager and runs day to day operations, Jaydeep look after marketing and research & development aspect and their daughter Heeral is the Inventory Manager. All family members possess over 10 years metal experience and IGI diamond certification join Lakhani & Family in the store, where they and the rest of the staff strive daily to fulfill their mission:

To provide the Ultimate Jewelry Experience for every Lakhani Jeweler’s customer.

Our top-notch sales and creative teams have earned, through their integrity, professionalism and expertise, the most precious gift customers can give: their trust.

Several long-time employees have grown with the store through changes reflecting shifts in the retail jewelry industry. What hasn’t changed is Lakhani Jeweler’s commitment to customer service excellence. On staff are:

• Three graduate gemologists
• Three goldsmiths
• A certified appraiser and designer
• Seven customer service and sales representatives

Polishing our Skills
Lakhani & Family wants you to benefit from trends and innovations in the jewelry trade. The Lakhani’s ongoing hunger for education for their family and employees, bringing the industry’s most revered consultants to City of Durham and Raleigh in North Carolina by sending family and employees to national seminars on customer service and craftsmanship and continued education

Our Short and Sweet Story
Mr. Lakhani’s parents owned a wholesale clothing business in Mumbai. Mr. Lakhani earned Accounting & Finance degrees which included but not limited to MBA & CPA. He also earned over 15 years of jewelry experience in wholesale and retail environment and earned Graduate Gemologist degree. He takes pride in studying with his children and taking and giving them a challenge is his goal by creating competitive environment. Mrs. Lakhani enjoys working in expanding and exploring any opportunity for the business. She has over 10 years of Jewelry background and additionally four different franchise food business certification and background. The two met in Mumbai, India and found mutual love for each other and the jewelry business.
Heeral and US ARMY girl studying medical after her graduation and enjoys assisting in development of the business Himanshu is working on his post graduate certifications Jaydeep while working towards his degree has already achieved Graduate Gemologist degree and takes immense interest in the precious metal business that is in growing at a rapidly growing pace. Business expects to expand as a result of teamwork of the family and precious team member as a part of this precious metal business. After working as an accountant, Controller & VP Finance position, Mr. Lakhani decided to go into Jewelry business by starting out with buying gold during recession time and developed 8 different locations in North Carolina with the help of Mrs. Lakhani while kids were in the school in 2010. Lakhani Jeweler’s provide education to customer why they should buy and what they should buy with fully disclosure and has gained edge over competition over a period. Couple of years after opening the several gold buying locations, Lakhani Jewelers was invented and started in 2013 in Durham and Fayetteville. They recently added another store in Raleigh area as well. .

Mr. Lakhani has taken the stores to where it is today, he’s passionate about helping customers find exactly what they are looking for. He’s been here full-time since leaving his career in working for business owners and dreamt of becoming one (AMERICAN DREAM). He will never forget his initial struggle and understands value of the money that customer is spending and guiding them. He always has energy to motivate and educate any younger customer that comes with their parents. Mr. Lakhani’s vision is to be THE diamond destination and leading jewelry store in all of North Carolina and some of USA market via this ecommerce website, while also offering a memorable experience for each customer that comes through our doors. He makes sure that we are all trained in top industry trends, with the most up-to-date equipment and best new practices possible.

Today, Lakhani Family of five are proud to call the original Lakhani’s and Lakhani Jewelers North Carolina’s most progressive jewelry store. The growth of the business is the result of the vision, expertise and dedication of everyone at LAKHANI JEWELERS.